Foire Aux Questions

What is the opening time of the surfschool ?

The surfschool is opened all-year-round. Come discoved the winter surf away from the crowd !

From what age can I begin surfing ?

From 5 years, if the child is dynamic and comfortable with being in the water. If the child doesn not know how to swim, you will have to choose the "particular lesson" so the lesson can take place in optimal safety conditions.

Is the equipment provided ?

Yes, we provide surfboards, wetsuits and accessories (boots, gloves,...) adapted to each person.

Can we surf all-year-round in spite of the water temperature ?

Yes, because we provide new full wetsuits (4/3mm in summer, 5/3mm in winter) as well as top-of-the-range accessories (boots, gloves, ...)

We make it a point of honour to equip the students with the same quality of equipment as their instructor, for an optimal comfort in all season.

Can we surf all-day-long ?

Yes, the diversity of the Britain's spots offers this possibility, as long as you are at the right spot, at the right time. You must have a real knowledge of the territory.
That's why we plan each lesson depending on the weather conditions and the student's needs.

Do I need an insurance?

The lessons include a public liability Insurance.

How many persons per group ?

In order to guarantee you the best teaching and safety, the maximum number of student is reduced to 6.
The French Surf Federation recommands 8 students maximum per instructor BPJEPS.

Can I take surf lessons if I have a disability ?

Yes, my numerous experiences as an adapted-surf instructor have given me the required expertise to allow you to surf and progress in good safety conditions.
If you are in this situation, do not hesitate to contact us so we can talk about your expectations.

What equipment should I bring ?

All the equipment is provided, you just have to bring a towel and a swimsuit, as well as everything you think necessary to your comfort (sunscreen, water, snack...)

If you forget, no worries, your teacher thinks of everything !