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Terms and conditions

Art 1 - course cancellation

Group lessons can only take place if there is a minimum of 3 trainees. Below this, the lesson is considered a private lesson and therefore has a different price. In case of bad weather conditions (lack of waves, sea too rough...), the lessons that cannot be done can be:

Postponed to a later date or refunded.

Replaced by a substitute activity (bodyboard, bodysurf, stand up paddle, etc.)

A course started and interrupted cannot be refunded (except for accident or medical reasons). In the absence of proof, no refund will be possible.


Art 2 - responsibility of the instructor

The trainees will be supported by the monitor(s). They remain under the responsibility of the instructor until the end of their lesson. The civil liability of the school concerning its trainees ceases outside these hours, within the time limits described above. The parents or supervisors of the trainees must ensure that the course takes place. The trainees will have to make sure that the course takes place. Trainees registered in class undertake to respect the instructor's instructions. Personal belongings of trainees left in the car park or on the beach are their responsibility.


Art 3 - insurance

The school monitor certifies that he has taken out professional civil liability insurance covering the risks related to his activity with Groupama insurance. All people registered at the surf school will be covered during class hours by their professional insurance in the event that the responsibility of the educator is questioned. If the instructor's responsibility is not in question, there is no provision for individual accident insurance. All these terms are described in the contract made available by the structure. The school is in no way responsible for any moral prejudice or accidental or voluntary damage caused by third parties during its activities. Our commitment is limited to the services offered. The surf school draws the member's attention to his interest in subscribing with the insurer of his choice, a supplementary personal insurance contract covering the bodily injury to which the practice of sport may expose him and whose guarantees would be greater than those of the Groupama contract.

Art 4 - structure commitments

Heol Surf School is committed to respecting the quality charter of the “Ecole Française de Surf” label to which it is affiliated, in terms of quality of reception, teaching and safety. The school is committed to providing quality equipment (wetsuit, board, accessories, etc.) during the class hours.

Art 5 - image rights

Surf lessons can be photographed / filmed to keep a memory of these moments. By registering, you automatically agree that the photos where you appear may be used by Heol Surf School as part of its communication. The photos may appear on various communication media, for an unlimited period. In case of refusal, you can report it to a member of the Heol Surf School team.

Art 6 - date of application

The above T&Cs apply from May 15, 2020.

Contact hours : from monday to saturday from 9am to 6pm (excluding class time)
To email us :
To call us : utilisez le numéro suivant (prix vers un mobile en France) + 33 6 59 71 88 36

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