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Un cour collectif à Pors carn

Quality Charter


We are committed to making you discover surfing in the best conditions. We organize our lessons around a quality charter which includes equipment, pedagogy and small groups.

Une planche de surf en bois

Surfing equipment

  • Eco-designed Soöruz 5/3mm integral wetsuits.

  • High-end accessories (booties, gloves, balaclavas).

  • "New generation" foam boards (Catchsurf, Softech, Madness).

  • "Performance" polyester & epoxy boards

Les enfants jouent avec le moniteur de surf


  • A personalized pedagogy according to your profile and your objectives.

  • An instructor present with you in the water 100% of the time to guide you and make you safe.

  • Learning safety gestures and risk management in the ocean.

  • An openness to environmental issues and to the culture of the ocean and surfing.

Une session de surf à Penhors

Small surf groups

  • Small groups reduced to 6 people.

  • Homogeneous groups in age and level.

  • The guarantee of progressing serenely and in safety.

  • The assurance of catching as many waves as possible.

  • Reduced impact on spots.

Our partners

Léo Rattez Vidéaste Partenaire
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