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Discover surfing in Brittany on the best surf spots

In summer, you will be able to surf on the spot of Tronoën, located next to "La pointe de la Torche". Off season, you can discover different spots in south Finistère, depending on the weather situation. We meet on the right spot, at the right time ! 

Le spot de surf de Tronën

Surfing in Tronoen

Direct neighbor of the famous Pointe de la Torche, Tronoën beach has nothing to envy! Indeed, it is a surf spot recognized and appreciated by surfers of all levels and from all walks of life. It is one of the spots in Brittany most exposed to the swell, which allows you to surf good waves in all seasons and all tides. Its many kilometers of beach offer a diversity and quality of sandbanks which allows the instructor to adapt his course to your level, your age and your desires. This beach is a natural area protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral and the Natura 2000 law.

Le spot de surf de la Torche

Torch Surfing

The Pointe de La Torche spot is one of the emblematic sites of Brittany, both for the beauty of its landscapes and the fame of its waves. Indeed, the quality of its waves offers the possibility of surfing all year round, both for beginners and for experienced surfers. This unique and preserved place has been classified as a protected natural site since 1965 through the Natura 2000 network. In addition, the site is also classified as Floristic and Faunistic Interest thanks to the rich ecosystem it shelters.

Le spot de surf de Pors Carn

Surfing at Pors Carn

Located south of the famous Pointe de la Torche, this 2km beach is ideal for days with bad weather conditions. Indeed, it is the main fallback spot when the waves in Audierne Bay are too high. This spot is ideal for beginners and experienced, especially in winter. Indeed, thanks to its orientation, the beach can receive different swell orientations and thus offer several wave conditions corresponding to all levels.

Le spot de surf de Penhors

Surfing in Penhors

Higher up in Audierne Bay is Penhors Beach. A spot renowned for its qualitative waves. Not far from Pouldreuzic, it is an essential destination for all surfing enthusiasts, beginners and experienced alike. The Penhors surf spot is famous for its waves breaking on a fine sandy beach. Towards the port, there is a wave of reef. Experienced surfers can enjoy waves that can reach several meters in height.

Le spot de surf au Treustel

Surfing at Treustel

Le Treustel is a friendly surf spot, suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers. It offers a fine sandy beach with often ideal conditions during the winter. This spot is perfect for learning to surf or improving your technique. The Treustel surf spot is easily accessible by car or public transport, with free parking near the beach.

So, are you coming ?

The surfschool is located on the beach of Tronoën, in Saint-Jean-Trolimon during the months of July and August. Off-season, the school is itinerant. We meet on the best spot, at the best time!

L'école de surf se situe ici

Surf spots in Brittany

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